Saturday, August 5

Purdue decides engineers need to spend less time studying engineering and more time on...

Decades ago so-called "progressives" (renamed liberals, cuz people were starting to recognize that modern "liberals" were really communists with a mask) took over the universities--sociology, journalism, basketweaving, "X"-studies, economics, even many of the hard sciences like physics.

But it was generally thought that engineering was safe--partly because damn few snowflakes have the brains to master it, and partly because engineers tend to reject bullshit; cuz in engineering, bullshit tends to get people killed.

Note that I'm not remotely claiming that great engineering is exclusively the province of one race.  Not at all.  But the test has always been competence:  If you don't have it, all the social-justice warriors in the world won't compensate for the lack of it.

Unfortunately, it looks like the idea of competence being the sole test of a good engineer may be about to end, as Purdue has just named Donna Riley dean of its School of Engineering Education.

Note this isn't the same as the school of Engineering.  Hell, I can't even see why a uni would have a separate school of X-education, but in any case you can see where they're headed.

According to its website the school of Engineering Education “envisions a more socially education."  "This implies that we radically rethink the boundaries of engineering and the purpose of engineering education.”  

"Radically rethink the boundaries of engineering.  That phrase is a huge red flag.

Dr. Riley declares that her personal purpose is to “revise engineering curricula to be relevant to a fuller range of student experiences," "integrating concerns related to...and social responsibility."


Riley also wants to "de-center Western civilization and uncover contributions of women and other under-represented groups."  "Gender is a key…[theme].  We [examine] racist and colonialist projects in science….”

Add Purdue to the list of crappy, fucked-up universities.  And you can bet this horrible, useless trend will spread to other universities, as the leftist, virtue-signalling adminishits who run those universities realize they have a new way to get their virtue cards punched.

Just so we're clear here:  Every single classroom hour a wanna-be engineer spends learning about "racist and colonialist projects in science" or "the contributions of women and other under-represented groups" is an hour taken away from learning actual, you know, engineering. 

And in 20 years almost all the best engineers will be Russians and Chinese, cuz their engineers will have used all their class time to know, engineering instead of bullshit.

But Purdue's hiring committee will feel very virtuous, and will get invited to lots of parties.


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