Sunday, August 13

Thirteen lies about "climate change"

Thirteen lies about "climate change" (originally called "global warming"):

  1. The planet is warming, and by an unusual and dangerous amount;
  2. This warming is caused by humans burning carbon fuels, producing CO2;
  3. Global warming causes extreme weather like hurricanes and tornadoes.
  4. Global warming causes droughts.
  5. It's never been this hot before, and will cause a "thermal runaway."
  6. The percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere has never been this high before;
  7. Not only is it getting warmer, but the rate of increase is increasing;
  8. "98 percent of scientists agree about this;" "the science is settled;"
  9. "Scientific truth" is determined by consensus.
 10. Global warming causes more rain;
 11. Global warming makes the oceans more acidic;
 12. "Climate change"--regardless of direction--is dangerous, so must be stopped;
 13. Government scientists would never alter measured temperatures to bolster their case.  So if you hear that anywhere, don't believe it.  Cuz scientists would never lie about science.

Just so there's no confusion:  every one of the above statements is crap.


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