Sunday, August 13

Tactics used by the Lying Mainstream Media to neutralize Republicans

One of the many ways the Lying Mainstream Media works to cripple conservative politicians is to warn them of the huge price the Media predicts they'll pay for pushing...conservative policies.

Seems to me that advice from the media is nonsense:  If a Republican candidate follows the media‚Äôs advice, he typically loses.  If he takes the media's advice after he's already in office, he won't make any progress in rolling back the ever-expanding government; conservatives who voted for him will stay home next time--why vote for a guy who won't do what he promised?-- and he'll lose the next election.

Another method used by the media to neutralize a Republican president is to make RINOs believe they'll lose their seat if they support his policies--which isn't hard to do since they're RINOs.  We've already seen that with McCain's defection on the "repeal" vote on the ghastly Obamacare law.

Since removal from office after impeachment requires 67 votes in the senate, and the Dems already have a reliable 51, my sense of it is that the Dems are working feverishly to identify 16 more squishes--RINOs who really hate Trump--and they'll have the votes needed to remove him from office.

Here's where I would have said "At this point Trump's best move is to ask Pence to start making fire-breathing speeches urging far more conservative programs and action by the president, to make squish RINOs think twice before voting to impeach and remove."  But it's pointless, because the Dems and never-Trumpers don't care about any possible consequences of removal; they just want to get him no matter what.


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