Sunday, August 13

Seattle city council votes to tax just the rich; audience of moonbats squeals with delight

A month or so ago, the city council of Seattle voted--9 to 0--to impose a new tax on individuals making more than $250,000 a year.  Watch the video to see how the audience reacted to that vote: 

Ecstatic support, right?  And why would anyone expect anything else?  Cuz to the moonbat Dem/libs in the audience it's totally free money that can be spent on things they want.

Of course you don't live in Seattle, and probably don't make above the threshhold for the tax, so why should you care, right?

Because this is how pure democracy--i.e. mob rule--works.  You have something I want?  If I can convince a majority of the members of any government body to vote my way, we can take what we want from you, regardless of whether we legally have that power or not.

Cuz the state of Washington has a law that says cities must get state permission to levy taxes.  The council didn't have it.  Wouldn't you think at least one city attorney might--just might--have raised that point with 'em?  Apparently no one did.  And like city council members everywhere, not one of 'em is smart enough to know the law of their own state.

I'd say all those council members should be jailed for terminal stupidity but this is all too common with socialist pols.  "You make more than most voters, so we can do anything we want to take more money from you."

This is how these people think.  And because all their supporters think the same way, they believe they're doing something virtuous and righteous.  And they'll continue to win re-election, because moronic liberals are a majority in Seattle, and Portland, and San Francisco, and...on and on.


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