Tuesday, July 11

Did the Russians--or anyone--hack the DNC's server?

Did the Russians--or anyone--hack the DNC's server?

You may have noticed that ever since the election the The Mainstream Lying Media have been determined to convince Americans that the reason Trump won is that the Russian government hacked the Democratic National Committee's email server and sent the contents to Wikileaks.  Oh, and the same hackers may well have actually rigged voting machines to record phantom votes for Trump.

At least that was the first total bullshit speculation fake-newz-from-anonymous-sources story.  But over time the Lying Media realized that one wouldn't fly, cuz that would have taken months of preparation before the election.  And guess who was preezy up until Jan 20th of this year?

Why, emperor Obama!  Which means since his team didn't detect these efforts, either they got totally snookered--duped, hoodwinked, dropped the ball--or else it didn't happen.

The Lying Media let that bullshit tale drop.  Ah, but the first charge--that the Russkies were responsible for the email leaks--seems plausible to most liberals and Dems, so the Lying Media is helping 'em keep that story at the top of the newz.

("Newz" is fake news--the only kind the Lying Media do.)

So let's consider a couple of known, admitted facts:  First, if the brilliant dummies at the DNC really believed they'd been hacked--even if they had no idea who did it--you'd think they'd have asked some hotshot gummint agency to investigate and find out for sure.  Unfortunately the gummint doesn't have a single agency with tons of computer expertise that's able to investigate computer-related crime!

Just kidding:  The FBI does just that.  And even though the DNC isn't officially part of the gummint, it's a good bet that with the emperor's men in charge, the FBI would have gotten right on the job--if they'd just been asked to do so.

But they didn't.

Indeed, to this very day the DNC hasn't asked the FBI to examine their email server for any evidence of hacking.  And of course if any evidence were found would likely shed light on the origin of any such hack.

So why didn't the DNC ask the FBI to help?  Because a thorough examination would have revealed no evidence of any hack. 

The entire loss of DNC emails came from Podesta falling for a phishing scam and giving the scammer his email password.  Of course Podesta doesn't want to admit this--much better to use claims that
"The Russianz hacked us 'n shit.  Which is why that awful Trumpkin person is president instead of "The Most Qualified Person In The World!"


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