Tuesday, July 11

NYC mayor goes to site of G20 summit--to rally anti-capitalist rioters!

I'm actually not racist.  Rather, my opposition to people who hate this country and constantly bitch about living here is totally color-blind.  For example, consider NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio (a.k.a. Wilhelm Reich):

Reich flew to Hamburg, Germany--site of the G20 "summit."  He wasn't invited to speak or to actually attend meetings of the 20 national leaders.  Rather, he came to speak to the allegedly 100,000 anti-west, anti-free-market demonstrators.

This kind of dumbassery should be dealt with pretty damn firmly.  If I were Trump I'd have ordered DeBlasio's passport cancelled, and then alerted ICE that when he returned to the U.S. he was to be arrested for treason.  Or he could get back on the plane and head back to Germany.

He'd be welcome to continue as mayor of the cesspool that is NYC, but would just have to do it by phone or email from overseas.  Wouldn't want to deprive the Democrats of NYC of such a fine leader.

And when the Left and the MSM wailed about how awful this was I'd reply,
 "As our recent emperor said, 'I have a phone and a pen.'  You were fine with the president taking unilateral actions then, since you never printed a critical word.  But now that the shoe's on the other foot, suddenly you have this great FAKE desire to honor our great principle of checks and balances, and the law.  Interesting."
So yes, I oppose anti-American dumbshits regardless of race, creed, color or sex.


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