Monday, June 5

Yet another example of why you should always trust the Mainstream Media

Ah, the Lying Mainstream Media.  All insane Trump-haters, all the time.  In the latest example, yesterday at 6:27pm the laughably misnamed "News" division tweeted
 EXCLUSIVE: Putin does not deny having compromising information on president Trump in interview with Megyn Kelly!
OMG!  See?  We told ya the Rooskies had the dirt on Trump!  So they could control him, and dictate U.S. policies!  See?

Unfortunately for the Left, half an hour later--after the network's breathless EXCLUSIVE had garnered over 800 re-tweets, the same "news" division tweeted a trivial little, minor correction:
CORRECTION: Putin denies having compromising information about president Trump, calls it nonsense. 
See, just a minor correction.  Barely a word or two.  "Does not deny having" versus "denies having." What's the big deal?  Why are you flyover people are SO damn nit-picky?  And I mean, we issued the damn correction, so what's your problem?  Gee, you people are SO touchy!

H/T Weasel Zippers.


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