Monday, June 5

Ah, the trend-setting, horrible Left

If you don't make notes on this stuff you forget how utterly awful the Left/Democrats/"progressives" have become.  Here's a summary of just the past month:

After the London van and knife attack Trump tweeted “We need to be smart, vigilant and tough. We need the courts to give us back our rights.” CNN host Reza Aslan replied by calling President Trump a “piece of s**t” on Twitter.  (This is the same Reza Aslan who ate part of a human brain on his CNN show, because...edgy, man.)

After Kathy Griffin held up a prop severed head of the president her photographer defended the photo as art.   After giving an interview last December vowing to go after Trump's 11-year-old son, and calling Trump a “fool” and a “bully,” Griffin gave a tearful press conference to assert that she would never want to hurt anyone.  Yeah, really.

On live TV last month the slimy Stephen Colbert (CBS) used an obscenity to accuse Trump of a vulgar sexual relationship with Putin.  Cuz, liberal comedy, man.

At the recent state convention of California's Democrat party, at the end of his main speech the chairman of the party, from the podium, yelled, “F*** Trump.

And it's not just a few nuts that are insanely angry that Donald Trump is president: An entire team of people participated in the Griffin photo, willingly.  An entire team worked on Colbert’s monolog.

Expect the awful behavior by Democrats to get worse--because they love showing their comrades how cool they are by how much they can smear Trump.  Madonna even suggested “blowing up the White House.”

Democrats cheered wildly. 


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