Monday, June 5

The elites are surrendering to terrorists by such small degrees that you scarcely notice

Wanna know how *stealthily* the elites' surrender to Islam happens?

Near the end of the first "Back to the Future" movie Marty writes a note to Doc Brown telling him that on a certain date and time in the future he'll be shot "by terrorists."  The movie shows the note as Marty is writing it.

When TBS aired that movie recently, a sharp-eyed blogger noticed something odd:  The phrase "by terrorists" had been carefully removed.

This doesn't happen by accident.  Someone did this deliberately.  And the low-level tech who did it didn't make that decision--it came from someone way far up the food chain.

Oh wait, I forgot:  This kind of thing doesn't happen.  Cuz your betters have said things like that would require a conspiracy to keep the alteration--and more significantly, who made the decision to alter it--a secret.  Which they keep telling you is just un-possible.  So take a look:

The original note:  shot "by terrorists"
The note in the version broadcast by TBS: just "shot" and white space

This is a small detail, but...who made the decision to alter the movie?  If TBS, did they get approval from the film's creators?  Did TBS ask permission?  Have all copies of the thing been altered this way?  Just curious. 

H/T David Rutz for a good catch.


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