Wednesday, June 7

Media double-standard: Leaker's left-wing rants of no interest at all to the Lying Media

Example number 956,934 of how the Lying Mainstream Media slants the news to favor members of their liberal/Democrat/"progressive" tribe:

When someone is charged with a serious crime, the media always reports the guy's associations, as a way to find motive.  Example:  if a guy has ever been a member of the NRA, or posted a tweet critical of the government he's immediately labeled a "right-wing extremist."

But in certain cases the media is mysteriously uninterested about associations and tweets. 

This is what's happening in the case of a "defense contractor" who mailed a Top-Secret NSA document to a news magazine.  Days later the Justice Department arrested NSA contractor--a 25-year-old female named Reality Winner.

Winner was extremely active on social media, and was strongly anti-Trump.  She tweeted “the most dangerous entry to this country was the orange fascist we let into the White House.”  In a response to a tweet by Iran's foreign minister she wrote “There are many Americans protesting U.S. govt aggression towards Iran. If our Tangerine in Chief declares war, we stand with you!”  And that “being white is terrorism.”  She used hashtags like #TrumpIsAC***.

Seems to pretty clearly suggest her political agenda and thus motive, right?

But when the three major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) reported on the event, they either played down her political attitudes or said nothing about them.  NBC couldn't find a single hint of political motive.  Anchor Lester Holt claimed her “motive is a mystery.”  Instead the network repeated her family’s claim that “she wasn't highly political.”

NBC's only mention of Winner’s left-wing ideology was “On Twitter, she's no fan of Donald Trump, once calling him an ‘orange fascist.’”  To offset this they showed a clip of her mother saying her daughter “is a good person. She volunteers, she does whatever she can to make the community and the world better.”  No left-winger, no sir.

CBS framed the story not as the leak of Top Secret documents but instead, with the graphic "Leak Crackdown" on-screen said "President Trump promised to crack down and now a government contractor has been charged with leaking about Russian interference with the U.S. election." Note how neatly this implies that "Russian interference with the U.S. election" is a fact instead of an *allegation* that seems to be false.  And changes the focus of the story away from the leak itself.

CBS showed a clip of Winner's stepfather saying: “She's dedicated, you know, to trying to make the world a better place.”  Isn't that sweet?  No bias here.

ABC ignored Winner’s political leanings all together, but mentioned four times that she'd served in the military.  Instead ABC was more interested in her workout and yoga videos on Facebook. “A young woman into fitness, seen here on Facebook discussing yoga instruction and competing in weightlifting,” he noted.

Winner’s politics--her extreme left-wing positions--can explain why she leaked Top-Secret NSA information.  Had this been a leaker during obama's reign, who had posted rants against obama and was an NRA member, those facts would have been right at the beginning of the story.  But in this case, the majors ignored her motives.

Gee, how...odd.


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