Tuesday, May 9

Head of student group sends farewell letter declaring 'All white people are racists'

The outgoing chair of the University Wisconsin-Madison's student council sent out an open letter on Monday to the entire campus community claiming--among many other things--that her university "does not care about people of color," that all white people are racists, and urging minorities to reconsider attending UW.

The former chair said her university engages in the "active silencing of students of color," but offers no examples.  The university, she says, is failing to "protect communities of color," but again fails to cite any examples. 
Though she says she began her term "ambitious to implement change and new initiatives," she apparently couldn't get her ideas for "diversity and inclusion" implemented as she wished.  The problem, she claims, is that the university "was not designed for the success of minority communities."
At far too many universities minority students have learned that playing the race card--the victim card--makes liberal administrators eager to agree to any demand, no matter how outrageous or expensive.  Too many minorities see themselves as permanent victims of a permanently unjust system.  It's almost as though they didn't realize the U.S. had a black president for the past 8 years.
So even though the universities are entirely on their side, it was inevitable that campus social justice warriors would eventually complain that their universities were just one more part of that alleged system of oppression and victimization.
A pic of the oppressed, angry outgoing chair:


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