Friday, April 28

Leftist chancellor of Berkeley and leftist mayor claim they really *REALLY* support free speech--after saying they couldn't protect Coulter

Imagine if some Democrat wanted to make a speech on the DC Mall blasting Trump.  Suppose Trump got the security guys for the Park Service to say "We really really support free speech but we've heard that some people who don't like the politics of the speaker or audience have vowed to wade into the crowd and hurt people.  We can't guarantee your safety on the day you want to give the speech."  And they deny the speaker permission to use the venue.

"But don't worry," they add.  "Because we really, really support free speech we'd like to offer you a different day when you can speak.  It's New Year's Day at 5am."

Imagine how the Dems and their media liars would react!  They'd go nuts, because they'd see the obvious:  that Trump was trying to prevent a political opponent from drawing a big crowd to their speech.

Trump didn't do that, of course.  But two hard-left Democrats--backed by the entire party--did:  U.Cal chancellor Nicholas Birks and the leftist mayor of Berkeley, Jesse Arreguin.  Here's their written statement on the topic of refusing to guarantee the safety of conservative Ann Coulter:

This is complete, total bullshit and self-serving propaganda from start to finish.  These two left-wing, liberal rat-bastards want to permit only speech THEY favor, from their allies.  They're totally in favor of silencing all conservatives.  They're thrilled that they were able to get Coulter to cancel with their claim that 'neither city nor campus police can guarantee your safety if you insist on speaking here.'

That's infuriating enough, but they go on to shamelessly lie that they really, really support free speech, and claim to be totally blameless in Coulter's decision to believe them and cancel her speech.

Free speech in this country is dead, dead, dead.  And for the president (yeah, I know, chancellor) of Berkeley to help kill it is an abomination.  Everyone should know what a crap communist sellout the chancellor is.  His name should go down in history as one who put left-wing causes before the Constitution's First Amendment right to free speech. 

I'm becoming convinced that sadly, war is the only thing that will correct this type of behavior.


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