Monday, May 8

College students hate Obama policies--if they think they're Trump policies!

Most college students on both coasts--being liberals--hate Trump and his policies.  In fact they hate Trump so much--and are so horribly ill-informed--that the conservative college-age students at Campus Reform wondered how their liberal college counterparts would react if an interviewer described actions taken by Obama as if they'd been done by Trump.

The results are hysterically funny--and revealing:  When interviewers told students that Trump had done something which was actually done by Obama--a fact none of the students knew--all the students thought those things were just awful.  See for yourself:

This shows that the Lying Media have done a great job demonizing Trump--so effectively that the liberal students said they thought things actually done by Obama were horrible if they believed those same acts were done by Trump.

Wow.  I'm not a Trump fan but with this sort of incredible cluelessness I suspect the country is doomed.  If disaster hits I think the Lying Mainstream Media will deserve the lion's share of the blame.


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