Friday, April 28

Dem congresscritter praises Obama's nuclear agreement with Iran, despite Team Obozo lying to him about its terms

On his show last night Tucker Carlson asked California Dem congresswhore Eric Swalwell about the story--posted by leftist site Politico--showing how Team Obama lied to the country about the terms of the Iran nuclear deal.

Back when the deal was first announced, Obama's people briefed Swalwell and other Dems on what they claimed were its terms.  But the briefers left out the fact the Obama was withdrawing warrants for the arrest of 14 Iranians or Iranian-Americans who had been buying prohibited tech items and shipping them to Iran.

The prohibited items would make it easier for the Iranians to build nuclear weapons, or better missile guidance systems.  Carlson asked the Dem if he felt that Team Obama had lied to him to get the deal passed.  Naturally the Dem said "Not at all."  Swalwell wouldn't concede an inch, but simply dodged one question after another, claiming he knew Iran wasn't working on nukes (he doesn't know that) and that we're "safer" because of the deal.

Watch the vid below to see stupidity combined with arrogance in action.  Swalwell is absolutely convinced that a) Obama didn't lie to him; b) we're way safer now than without the crap agreement; and c) this wonderful agreement will prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

It's really an amazing demonstration of partisanship and hiding one's head in the sand to avoid admitting an unpleasant reality.


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