Thursday, April 27

What happens when the pols don't do as they promised?

When people are betrayed by the pols who begged for their support and promised to fight for the things they held to be crucial, what happens?  Consider this:

1) Republican congresswhores vowed that if only we gave them money and elected them, they'd eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood.  So we voted them control of both houses of congress.  Now the republican speaker of the house, Paul Ryan, says the republican-controlled congress will vote for a budget that will continue to fund Planned Parenthood, yet again--a complete reversal fromwhat they promised when begging for your support and your vote.

2) Speaker Ryan says the republican-controlled congress won't fund the wall on the Mexico border until next year at least.  On some occasions he's said they won't fund it at all--a complete reversal from the promises.

3) Republicans promised to repeal the wasteful, inefficient, freedom-depriving program called Obamacare.  But now, after we voted them control of congress, turns out they won't be repealing it, but will be leaving most of it in force--despite their repeated promise to repeal it if only we would give them control of both chambers of congress.  Again, a commplete reversal.

4) Despite having a majority in the senate, which confirms top Presidential appointments, the Republicans have not voted on more than a handful of those appointments, largely because of debate rules asked for by the Democrats and eagerly agreed to by Republican Senate Majority Leader McConnell. In April, Congress is only in session 8 freaking days. This is deliberate.

5) Democrats and their street-thug allies have repeatedly used violence to block conservatives from speaking.  The thugs have no fear of prosecution because mayors of socialist cities have ordered the cops to take no action. 

6)  When Democrats controlled the presidency their media arm repeatedly told Americans it was terrible, awful! for Republicans to take a stand over proposed ghastly spending pushed by the Democrats.  If Dems refused to compromise and the government shut down, the media screamed that it was the Repubs' fault.  But now, with the Republicans in control, suddenly the media tells us how noble it is for Democrats--now in the minority--to take a stand over the budget, opposing spending proposed by Republicans.  If Republicans refuse to cave to the Dems demands and Dems refuse to vote for the budget--shutting down the government--who does the mainstream media blame this time?  Why, the Republicans, of course.

When the game is so rigged that elections change nothing, policy will be determined by violence.


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