Monday, May 1

Budget agreement reportedly gives Dems everything they wanted, doesn't fund wall or defund sanctuary cities

Under emperor Obama the "Uni-party"--the coalition of Democrat and RINO congresswhores whose main goal is getting re-elected--not only gave that America-hating son of a bitch everything he wanted, they failed to impeach him for repeatedly violating the Constitution.

Now the Uni-party is engaged in a total war with the new president.  Their goal is to so weaken Trump that he'll be afraid to even try to dismantle Democrat/RINO programs that are ruining the country.

You think this is hyperbole--tinfoil-hat stuff?  The actions of the Uni-party reveal the truth. Late yesterday congressional "negotiators" announced that they'd reached agreement on the spending bill. Take a look at how that agreement was described by the Democrat-loving crew at "The Hill."  Virtually every initiative conservatives wanted was defeated, while every goal of Democrats was funded.
Congressional negotiators have signed off on a deal to fund the government through September, avoiding a shutdown of federal agencies over a dispute on President Trump’s border wall and other issues, according to two senior congressional aides.

The legislation does not provide funding for construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border or eliminate money for so-called sanctuary cities that do not fully cooperate with federal immigration law...

These are major victories for Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), who threatened to block the bill over what they considered "poison pill" riders.

In a win for Republicans, the measure provides $1.5 billion for "border security" [translation: does nothing to actually solve the problem] and $15 billion in additional defense funding — though it’s short the $30 billion in supplemental military funding Trump requested in his budget blueprint.

The defense increase is matched by a boost to nondefense programs for a total of $30 billion in additional funding over the sequester level set by a previous budget deal. None of Trump’s $18 billion in nondefense cuts were included.
As noted, the Republican majority wasn't willing to cut a single domestic program.
The National Institutes of Health, a priority of Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike, will see a $2 billion funding increase, to give it $34 billion total.

The deal protects 99 percent of the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget and increases clean energy and science funding in spite of Trump’s calls to cut all three priorities.

Schumer lauded the deal in a statement Sunday evening. “This agreement is a good agreement for the American people, and takes the threat of a government shutdown off the table,” he said.
"The Hill" cunningly omits that the Democrats were the ones threatening a government shutdown if the Repubs tried to cut any domestic programs, or fund the border wall, or cut funding for so-called "sanctuary cities."
“The bill ensures taxpayer dollars aren’t used to fund an ineffective border wall, excludes poison pill riders, and increases investments in programs that the middle-class relies on, like medical research, education and infrastructure.”

Democrats rejected Republican pressure to include 160 various riders that they deemed poison pills.

Sen. Patrick Leahy (Vt.), the senior Democrat on the Appropriations Committee, hailed the deal as a triumph for his party. “I am especially glad this agreement does not include a single penny for the construction of a misguided wall along our southern border,” he said. “This bipartisan agreement eliminates more than 160 poison pill riders that would have been devastating for the environment, put restrictions on consumer financial protections and attacked the Affordable Care Act.”

The package includes $295 million to cover a Medicaid funding shortfall in Puerto Rico, one of the outstanding issues in the talks late last week.
If the Republican party had pulled together around the programs they promised, they might have put the country on a far better financial footing, and done well in the midterm election.  But by reneging on virtually every promise, and blocking Trump's initiatives like reducing discretionary funds given to "sanctuary cities they've ensured a disaster.  Because the base won't support Democrat-loving RINOs.


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