Tuesday, April 25

The career-criminal who shot the French policeman in Paris last week

A week ago a Muslim terrorist murdered a French policeman on the Champs-Elysées in Paris.

Okay, most of you are probably thinking "So what?  Muslims are killing westerners every week now.  What's noteworthy here?"  Read on.

The French criminal-"justice" system shares much with the way California handles criminals: a lenience that can only be described as insanely negligent.

In this case the killer--Karim Cheurfi --started his criminal career early in life:  by age 23 he had been convicted 20 times--often for violent crimes.

At 23 he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the attempted murder of three police officers.  He shot two after a car chase.  Then as he was being held in jail he jumped an officer who entered his cell, grabbed the officer's gun and shot him five times.  The policeman was lucky to survive.

Having shot three cops--one five times at point-blank range--you'd think the guy would have never have been let out until he'd served all 20 years, right?   I mean, how much more proof of "murderous intent" is needed?  Twenty wouldn't be long enough, but at least that would be 20 years when he wouldn't be killing and robbing, right?

Hahahahaha!   Silly human!  The guy was paroled in 2013 after serving just 12 years of his nominal 20-year sentence. 

Within weeks he was back to committing serious crime, this time aggravated burglary, for which he was sentenced to four years, but amazingly, with two suspended.  This for a guy who'd tried to kill cops.  He was released in 2015 after serving less than two years.

The conditions of his parole forbade him from leaving the country.  But now knowing that the French criminal system was totally incompetent and could be rolled, he went to Algeria for a month.  When he returned he was brought to court for violating his parole.  He told the magistrate he had a good excuse—he'd wanted to get married.  The judge nodded and simply reminded him of the conditions of his parole.

Again, he got the right message:  the justice system was terminally incompetent and unserious.

In December 2016, Cheurfi again came to the attention of the authorities when he was overheard threatening to kill police.  The authorities did nothing.  Barely four months later he killed the policeman on the Champs-Elysées.

The case of Karim Cheurfi is far from an isolated one: indeed, such stories emerge regularly.
Meanwhile people like Cheurfi view themselves as victims rather than as perpetrators.  After all, at the time of his arrest in 2001 he had only stolen a car and a gun in his possession.  If the police had left him alone, no one would have been hurt.

Sounds just like U.S. liberals.


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