Thursday, April 20

Record number of "migrants" arrived in Italy last weekend--with the help of big, fast boats run by western NGOs

Last weekend a record 8,300 "migrants" arrived by boat to Italy--the most in a single day.

The reason for the record numbers is that the longest leg of the "people-smuggling" voyage--which was formerly done by shady criminals--is now being done by dozens of European liberal organizations--"NGO's." 

Seriously.  Instead of the smugglers having to make the 250-mile voyage in their own boats, the smugglers simply ferry the "migrants" from Libya a few miles offshore, where they're transferred to larger, faster boats run by the NGO's.  This allows a single thug-boat to make several round-trips per day to feed the waiting NGO boats, maximizing revenue for the smugglers.  And the smugglers have far lower fuel bills!

Hey, win-win, eh?

Well, except for the working-stiffs in Europe, who end up carrying the welfare load of 100,000 new, unskilled, unassimilated, unvetted immigrants this year.

Officials say the comfortable shuttle service offered from just off the Libyan coast all the way to Italian ports has led many migrants to attempt the crossing who might not have done so otherwise.

Immigrant arrivals in Italy are 30 percent higher in the first quarter of 2017 than in the same period in 2016--which also set a record. 

Last fall the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi cautioned that Italy would not survive another year of mass immigration like 2016--yet the pols have done nothing to stop the wave.

Last month the European agency in charge of border control, accused the NGO's of material complicity with human traffickers by lowering their costs.
So let's ask liberals:  When do you think people from countries with crappy standards of living will stop wanting to come to Europe and the U.S.?  When do you think the flood will stop?

Either you haven't thought about that, or you're happy with the result--which is unlimited open borders.

Some of you have already declared you're fine with that.  In fact, many liberals, Democrats and "progs" have demanded open borders.  Do you think that will improve the quality of life here? 

Do you think the flood has improved life in, oh, Sweden, France, Germany and the U.K.?

Do you think you're so much smarter than their libs that you'll be able to engineer a different result here in the U.S.?

Have you given even a moment's thought to this crucial question, or are you just unquestioningly demonstrating your wonderful virtue to your fellow liberals--showing your moral superiority compared to those you consider unenlightened?

Have you put ads on Craigslist offering rooms in your own home to house Syrian or Somali "migrants"?  Do your kids go to inner-city schools, or suburban or private ones?

Seriously, if you've worked out a solution for the problems Europe has been suffering because of unlimited immigration--problems we're beginning to see here in the U.S.--then by all means tell us your brilliant solution.  If you don't have a platform, tTell Elizabeth Warren, or the faaabulous Tom Perez (DNC chair), the details and let them explain to the rest of us.

We're willing to listen to your brilliant solution.  But we're getting damned tired of your repeatedly bleating that our side "hates immigrants" or is xenophobic or whatever.  It's the "illegal" part.

But you really know that, right?


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