Saturday, April 22

More Venezuela

Venezuela:  mass riots since the first of April.  Lying liberal shill Rachael Madcow and her producers at MSNBC claim the riots are due to the fact that Venezuela's state oil company donated a big chunk of cash to Trump's inauguration.  Intelligent people know that's utter crap, and that the people are rioting to protest a) no food; b) 700 percent annual inflation; and c) the socialist regime having removed all authority from the elected national legislature.

How can a country possibly run short of food?  Well that's what happens when the socialist regime issues a decree that businesses that sell food must sell at cost--or less.  You can see the result in the next photo:

The socialist president, Maduro, blames the food shortage on "U.S. price speculation."  Oh, certainly.  He doesn't bother explaining how this actually happens, because there's no need:  His ardent followers believe it, because they've heard that repeatedly for decades.  Never the fault of horribly stupid socialist policies, of course.  Perish the thought!

Of course you think it can't happen here--the Democrats have repeatedly, constantly assured you that socialism is faaabulous, and will work beautifully if only the right people are in charge.


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