Saturday, April 22

A lesson here--for those who would learn from it

What follows is a tale of how stupid our "leaders" have gotten.

A bank robber was convicted in 2008 of robbing eight banks and was sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.

Because of people demanding that we treat criminals leniently, he was released in August 2011 after serving less than 3 years of his nominal sentence.

Less than a year later he started robbing banks again.  By mid-2016 he'd robbed 11, grabbing almost half a million bucks.  He was finally arrested Thursday.

So what can we learn from this story?  First, that far too often, criminals return to a life of crime.  And it doesn't take a PhD to deduce the reason:  It works for 'em.  Lots of money, plus they're sticking a thumb in the eye of the system.

How often does this happen?  Lots--three days ago in Paris a Muslim who'd shot cops in 2002, was sentenced and then released, shot another--this time fatally--on the most prestigious street in the city.

It comes down to a choice:  Our bleeding-heart "elites" can keep demanding that we release known criminals early, with exactly predictable consequences; or we can keep convicted bad guys in prison for their full terms--which at least reduces the time available to 'em to kill or steal again.

Of course the elites live in gated communities with guards, so never suffer from the depredations of the people they demand be released early, so the chances of anything changing are zero.


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