Thursday, December 29

When the guy at the top won't enforce laws, what do you think happens?

When the top of an organization has signaled that it won't prosecute employees for breaking the law, what do you think results?

In this case, corrupt employees of the emperor's "Immigration and Customs Enforcement" have been taking tens of millions of dollars of bribes to help cartels import drugs, or avoid checkpoints, or get green cards into the hands of bad guys.

"Wait, how does he know this?  This is tinfoil-hat wacko conspiracy stuff!  What a nutter!"

Okay, you got me:  This report is indeed from a totally unreliable source--one that routinely invents fake news to manipulate public opinion.  It's the New York Times.

Enjoy reading about what Obama's corruption has wrought.  If you have kids who have been hooked on drugs, think about it.


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