Wednesday, January 11

Cops on murdered DNC staffer: "Likely a robbery" even though killers didn't take his wallet, watch, phone, jewelry

Unless you're a political junkie the name "Seth Rich" probably doesn't ring any bells with you.

Rich was a DNC computer specialist who was fatally shot as he walked home from a bar in D.C.

Rich had left the bar about 1 a.m. to walk home, something that normally took less than 30 minutes.  But around 4:17 a.m. Rich was still about a block and a half from his home, talking with his girlfriend on his cell phone.

Two minutes later, Rich was shot in the back, twice.

Security footage from a nearby market showed two men following Rich through a crosswalk by his home moments before he was shot.

Here's where it gets odd:  "Police said Rich was likely the victim of a robbery, though nothing of value, including his wallet, phone, keys, watch or gold necklace, was stolen."

Let that sink in for a minute:  Cops say he was "likely the victim of a robbery," despite the known fact that the alleged [bullshit] "robbers" didn't bother to take his wallet, phone, watch or a gold necklace.

Does that sound like a robbery?

Second:  It's 4:17 a.m.  If the alleged "robbers" [bullshit] had taken the guy's cell, he wouldn't have been able to report the robbery to the cops fast enough to worry the robbers.  So why would they raise their risk by shooting him?

Next, note how absurd the "Cops say robbery" line is if nothing was taken.  Reporters should have been all over the cops for this absurdity--yet there haven't been any reports of a "mainstream media whore"--sometimes misleadingly called "reporters"--calling bullshit on the dismissive "it was likely robbery" claim.

But if not robbery, why was the guy shot?  Hate crime, maybe?  Hard to say.  But not robbery.


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