Saturday, December 24

Lying Media: "Trump starts new nuclear arms race, emperiling world!" Oh wait...

The Lying Media are at it again.

This time they're portraying Trump as starting a new nuclear arms race.  Here's a typical article:
Donald Trump escalated his remarks about the U.S. nuclear arsenal on Friday, telling a television host off-air that he isn’t concerned about triggering an arms race with Russia or other adversaries, a day after a tweet that appeared to reset the nation’s posture on atomic weapons.

The president-elect told his 17.8 million Twitter followers on Thursday that the U.S. must “greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability,” drawing rebuttals from Moscow and Beijing.

Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed on Friday that he would respond to a fresh U.S. nuclear weapons build-up, and a spokeswoman for China’s foreign ministry said that the U.S. and Russia, which hold the world’s largest arsenals, bear responsibility for leading the world toward denuclearization.
Didja catch all the scary buzz-words?  Trump "escalated his remarks" about the U.S. nuclear arsenal.  Isn't concerned about "triggering an arms race."  His remarks triggered "rebuttals" from Moscow--implying Trump fired the first round.  And the article says Putin vowed he would "respond" (again, implying Trump fired first) to a "fresh U.S. nuclear weapons build-up.

See, citizen?  We told you he was crazy, and here we see the proof!  You should never elect anyone we don't support!

Then way, waaaay down in the article the truth is reluctantly disclosed:
Trump’s tweet was apparently provoked by a Putin speech on Thursday in which he said the Russian nuclear arsenal should be improved in order to defeat anti-missile defenses.
Wait...what?  Y'say Putin gave a speech *first*, saying Russia's nukes should be improved to defeat anti-missile defenses?

Whoa.  If you'd led with that, it puts the entire thing in a different light, eh?  In fact it undercuts the entire premise of your propaganda piece.

Which is why you wrote it that way, eh comrade?  Good job, tovarish.


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