Friday, December 23

Watching how the Left spun the story about Ivanka and the guy thrown off the flight--classic fake news

A seemingly-insignificant thing happened a couple of days ago:  A male college professor saw Donald Trump's daughter and her family on a commercial jet--one he was scheduled to fly on--and was outraged!  He later claimed on Twitter that "she should fly private"--presumably demanding that she not fly on commercial airlines.

The professor's intent was to get in their face, cause a scene, ream them out.

" can you possibly know what his intent was?"

Well, here's what the man's "husband" (yes) posted on twitter:
"Ivanka and Jared at JFK flying commercial.  My husband chasing them down to harrass them."     --Matthew Lasner (@mattlasner)

And he did--and the Jet Blue crew had security haul his nasty liberal ass off the plane.

Oooooh, poor Snowflake!  Did that hurt your widdle feeeewings?

Now let's see how every flaming liberal asshole spun the event.  Here's how the flaming assholes at Yahoo lied about it:
"Man kicked off flight for questioning why Ivanka Trump was on it."
See, comrades?  Trump hasn't even been sworn in yet and already the guy has issued secret orders to the airlines so that a poor citizen who dared to gently, respectfully question why his daughter's family has the gall to fly commercial gets thrown off the plane!  Not only that, but the poor victim was GAY!  So it's just as we good, honest reporters at Yahoo have been warning you all along:  Trump hates gays!  You can bet that if the questioner had been a member of the NRA or an executive with Exxon no one would have reacted!

And for good measure, Yahoo's charming crew of lying liberal assholes included a tweet from the gentle, respectful questioner's husband (yeah, they're both guys), 'proving' that the couple was kicked off the plane merely because "a flight attendant overheard my husband expressing his displeasure about flying w/ Trumps."
See, comrades?  This poor gay man merely "expressed his displeasure about flying w/ Trumps"--barely a whisper!--and an eavesdropping flight attendant (part of Trump's secret-police, obviously) had him thrown off the plane!  It's like we've been saying all along:  Trump hates gays!  And minorities!  And you need to fight all of his eeeevil plans!

And check out the total unawareness--tone-deafness--of the guy's tweet: He sees nothing the least bit goofy about his "husband" "expressing displeasure about flying with Trumps."  To get an idea of how tone-deaf this is, turn the situation around:  What would this guy's reaction be if a passenger expressed "displeasure" at flying next to a couple of gay guys?  He'd go ballistic.  But he sees nothing at all wrong with "expressing displeasure about flying with Trumps."  It's just awful that anyone would expect one to "fly with Trumps"!

And just in case you didn't click on Yahoo, the clever propagandists tweeted this summary:
Man kicked off JetBlue flight for questioning why Ivanka Trump was on it

The way this story was "reported" is classic "fake news."  According to other passengers the guy got in her face and screamed "Your father is ruining our country!"

I can confidently predict that you'll see this sort of thing repeated endlessly by your lying "news sources."  They are so white-hot angry, so determined to take back the presidency by any means, that they'll lie like rugs to stir up a revolt.


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