Wednesday, November 23

British paper has details on fatal U.S. school bus crash that all but one MSM outlet have apparently ignored

It constantly amazes me that foreign papers--like Britain's "Daily Mail"--publish much more detail about events here in the U.S. than the American Mainstream Media.

Latest example is a fatal school bus crash in Tennessee that killed 5 young pasengers.  If you only read U.S. media you probably don't know anything beyond the bare event.  That's because a google search two days after the event reveals that MSN, CNN, Time and other politically-correct propaganda rags don't show any stories with more details than that.

But somehow the Daily Mail managed to find a mother of one of the kids killed in the crash, who said every day since school started her kids had been complaining about their bus driver.  She said they told her the driver was often drinking, and drove recklessly.  She also had two other children on the bus who survived--and one of those told her that just before the crash the driver was speeding.
The mother of three children who were involved in a fatal school bus crash has spoken out about her attempts to report the bus driver for reckless driving.  Jasmine Mateen said that since the school year started in August, her children have come home each day complaining about their bus driver.

'I have been calling complaining about this bus driver since August,' she told NBC News.
Mateen said she called the Board of Education and Woodmore Elementary School and even wrote letters to the school and to the bus driver, Johnthony Walker.
She said her children would tell her horror stories about how Walker would drink 'every day on the bus', 'always cuss at them' and 'was always speeding.'
Wow, complaints by a mother--including written ones--about a reckless bus driver?  Complaints that were clearly ignored, and ended with 5 innocent kids killed in a crash.  Should be a huge scandal, right?  Why is it that the only Mainstream Media outlet publishing any details is NBC, when the Daily Mail didn't have much trouble finding 'em?

Ask yourself if the Mainstream Media would all over the details if a redneck driver was reported to be drinking every day on the bus, cursing at the kids and "always speeding."  Of course they would.  So why the media reticence?

I suggest the reason is that the driver was black.

Let me quickly say that I'm not suggesting that black drivers are any worse than others:  Incompetence, recklessness and nuttery are found in every race.  Instead what I think is noteworthy here is that companies have seen that the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is eager to sue firms that fire drunk or reckless minority drivers.  Accordingly, if the bus company's execs didn't want to lose an absurdly costly lawsuit to the feds, they'd be well advised not to fire the driver after an accident or two, or just because some mother said her kids said he drank on the bus and drove over the speed limit.

In fact, given the EEOC's tendency to sue companies that fire a member of a "protected group", the only way they could safely fire this guy was...after a fatal accident stemming from his reckless actions.

This is what happens--what inevitably must happen--when an all-powerful government makes it almost impossible for a company to fire an employee even for cause.

Are the feds too stupid to have foreseen this obvious result, or did they see it but ignore the obvious risk because they believed the benefits were worth it? 

Wonder if the parents of the kids killed by this driver agree?


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