Thursday, July 14

From a commenter elsewhere, on motives of shooters

From a commenter on another site:
Omar Mateen: "Hello 911?  Allahu Ackbar!  I am person in the night club shooting people!  I do this in the name of Allah, Mohammed, and ISIS" 

ISIS: "Yes, he was one of our fighters!  We take responsibility!  Allahu Ackbar!"

Obama and DOJ: "It's a hate crime against gays! Probably inspired by Christian fundamentalists and the anti gay sentiment of this country!" 

.... Less than a month later.... 

Micah X Johnson: "I want to kill white people, especially white cops." 

Obama: "It is very hard to determine the motivations of this shooter." 

Attorney-general Loretta Lynch: "This was not a hate crime, and we will not investigate it to see if it was a hate crime.  Nothing to see here, and we hope this doesn't discourage all the peaceful protestors from going out and shouting, "Fuck the police" and throwing iron bars and rocks at them.  After all, it's not illegal to throw iron bars and rocks--both are just examples of free speech, just like burning that silly American flag you crackers seem to love so much.

Ninety-five percent of the leadership of black organizations:  "It ain't even possible for a black to commit a hate-crime against a cracka'.  Only works the other way round!  It's like we say, only black lives matter--no one else.  I can't even buh-lieve you in my face about this sheeit."


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