Thursday, July 14

CNN and AP both carry stories on the political and economic and human disaster in Venezuela

Because CNN never met a liberal or Democrat they didn't like, liberals and Democrats trust that mainstream cable-TV network.  So if you know any liberals or Dems, you might point this story out to 'em:

As I've posted dozens of times, Venezuela was once a wealthy country.  Highest per-capita income in all of Latin America.  But when they voted for a socialist for president, everything quickly started to turned to shit.  Now they can't afford to import food, let alone medicine or diapers.

Of course not one American in 100 knew anything about this, because your faaabulous mainstream media said very little about it.  The media would much rather spend airtime or headlines telling you how wonderful Hillary and the emperor are, and how awful Trump is, and how all our problems are still due to George Bush.

But finally CNN--a "news" network liberals and Dems trust--reports that hospitals in Venezuela are out of not just medicine but also basic supplies.  As a result, people are dying.

To increase the impact of the story, CNN couches it as "children are dying," which hits most people even harder.  And since it's CNN, libs and Dems will notice and believe it.

Now for the puzzle:  Venezuela has been spiraling down for 15 years or so.  In the last 5 that nation has lurched from crisis to more serious crisis.  Why so little coverage in U.S. media?

I suspect it's due to the fact that the mainstream media loooves socialism.  It's cool, it's trending with all the cool people who go to A-list parties, and college professors constantly praise it as very sophisticated, very European.  So all these faabulous intellects have been studiously ignoring the very obvious disaster in Venezuela, because it shows the inevitable result of the system they've spent so many years praising--and trying to ram down our throats here.

CNN isn't the only mainstream media outlet to notice.  Two days ago the Associated Press wireservice carried a long and utterly gripping article about Venezuela.  Among many other points, it noted that 9 out of 10 Venezuelans said they weren't able to buy enough to eat.  They spend an average of over 7 hours a week just waiting in line to get into stores--only to find the shelves almost bare.

The reporter noted people who had stood in line for 8 hours to buy toilet paper.

Keep in mind that 20 years ago the country suffering these things had the highest per-capita income in all of Latin America.  Then ask yourself how things could become so disastrous, so deadly, so awful in such a relatively short time.

Ask your professors.  Ask Democrat candidates for office if we need to enact more socialist policies.

It's also worth noting that the AP piece mentions "socialist" exactly once, and "socialism" not at all.  So the average person reading the piece is extremely unlikely to make the connection.

Also, just because a story is on the AP's newsfeed doesn't mean any newspaper or network will pick it up.  If you're curious, search the Net for:  +"hannah dreier" +venezuela   and see how many large papers ran the story.

But don't worry, comrade:  As soon as Her Heinous takes office--so can't be hurt by her consistent praise of socialist policies--the U.S. will start shipping billions of dollars Venezuela.  Most of this, of course, will be stolen by the socialist pols.  What they don't consume will re-surface in stores, with the proceeds going to--you guessed it--the politicians who stole the stuff!

Then the former Secretary of Skate will give 'em billions of dollars in aid--because after all, that's what Americans do for suffering people when there's a natural disaster, right?

But if it's a disaster, and helping is good, why hasn't your emperor already dispatched dozens of Navy ships filled with medicine, medical supplies and food?

It's probably because he only knows about stuff if he reads it in the paper--just like he professed to know *nothing* about the IRS targeting conservative organizations until weeks after the scandal actually broke.

But don't worry, citizen:  Nothing like this could ever happen here.  Cuz we're immune to laws like "cause and effect," "supply and demand" and the one that says if you depend on government for everything you just became a slave. 

In fact some of us are apparently immune to all laws.


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