Thursday, July 14

Communism is alive and well here

After the empire known as the USSR largely disbanded around 1990 virtually everyone in the U.S. stopped regarding communism as a threat.  In fact, in today's "enlightened" America anyone who casts communism in even mildly derisive terms is considered unenlightened.  Uncool.

With this background, take a look at this link.  It's to a website called "It's Going Down."  If you're not sure what the authors mean by "going down," here's a quote:
"A special shout out to the comrades in Oakland last night who showed us yet again the significance (both materially and polemically) of blocking the networked physical infrastructure of this world we wish to destroy."
"...this world we wish to destroy," eh? 

The article signs off with "Por el comunismo y la anarquía"--for communism and anarchy.

Try showing your cool, hip friends this site and see how fast they start with the "Oh, that's just parody--they don't really mean that literally."  Ok, and you know

Oh, but don't worry, citizen.  This organization is probably a parody, and the website is just the creation of (pick the one that gives you the greatest feeling of security)
  • a couple of "lone wolf" computer geeks trying to scare dumb right-wingers;
  • a counter-intel provocation by right-wingers trying to peel support away from the Left;
  • a couple of college kids spoofing a conservative acquaintance;
  • a Trump supporter trying to scare people away from voting Democrat;
  • a couple of Sanders supporters who are still bitter about being steamrolled by Clinton;
  • Vox or Slate or HuffPo trying to see if they can bait any conservative bloggers into thinking the site and organization are legit.
Those all sound really plausible, eh?  Or it could be real.  But that can't be possible--because what kind of communist or enemy of America would say, in plain text, right out in the open, that they wanted to overthrow things?

Hmm...let's see:  Your emperor said he was gonna "fundamentally transform America."  And I'll be darned if that's not exactly what he did.  And I hope all the brain-dead Dems who voted for him--twice--are very happy about how things have turned out.

BTW, while lots of "Black Lives Matter" supporters are sincere and peaceful, the leadership is in complete solidarity with communism and the anarchists.  Just so ya know.


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