Thursday, July 14

Emperor ignores request from law enforcement officers to light White House blue to honor officers murdered in Dallas

The day after the murder of 5 police officers in Dallas, the president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association formally asked Obama to honor the murdered officers by lighting the White House in blue, just as the White House had been lit in the rainbow colors of the gay lobby or pink for breast cancer.

Not one of you will be surprised to learn that the emperor ignored the request.  Obama has been fanning the flames of racial anger ever since he took office.  A typical example is his infamous line of "If their side brings a knife, you bring a gun." 

Imagine if the first black president had said "By electing a black president Americans have shown their willingness to ignore race when filling the top position in the nation.  Let's all use this historic opportunity to show that racial animosity will have no part in the future of this nation."

But of course he didn't.  To paraphrase one of his go-to lines, "It's not who he is."  Instead he's chosen to stir up anger and resentment.   And again, no one is even a bit surprised.


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