Tuesday, July 12

Two-thirds of all the state health-insurance "co-ops" (vendors) set up under Obamacare have now closed

Two more health-care "co-ops"--health insurance vendors organized by a number of states under the provisions of the laughably-misnamed "Affordable Care Act" (ObamaCare)--announced they were closing their doors in the past week.  And regulators in Illinois put that state's system under receivership.

Only a third of ObamaCare co-ops are still in operation, and many of those have been forced to raise their premiums by as much as 60 percent [!!] this year, even after getting tens of millions of dollars from the government (i.e. taxpayers).
"But...but...but...it was a really *really* well-intended and wonderfully executed idea.  If only those eevil rethuglicans hadn't sabotaged it by not appropriating any funding for it!!"
Uh, no, but nice try Democrats.  This disaster has consumed billions of tax dollars, to very little good effect.  Even low-income people whose premiums are paid entirely by taxpayers have policies with deductibles in the range of $10,000.  And of course if they have a health problem they can't pay such a high amount, which means taxpayers pay again.

"We dems can be particularly proud that our faaabulous senate leader, Harry Reid, didn't let those stupid rethuglicans make even a single amendment to our bill.  In fact Harry didn't even allow a single GOP amendment to get a floor vote!  So there, stupid rethuglicans!"

Man, you got us there, sparky.  You Democrats own this disaster--100 percent.  Your brilliance shines through yet again.  But hey, at least the illegals are able to get free (i.e. taxpayer-paid) health insurance.  So that's something, eh?

And ya know, if you'd just allowed a handful of amendments from the stupid republicans get a floor vote, maybe this disaster could have been avoided.  But NO, ya just couldn't bring yourselves to do it.  The only person who could have pressured Democrat senate majority leader Harry Reid to allow GOP amendments to at least get a floor vote--that would be the emperor--had no interest in allowing even the slightest alterations to his magnificent, perfect plan.

Any of y'all recognize the name "Jon Gruber"?  He was the MIT economist who claims to have drafted a good chunk of the convoluted 1200-page bill that became ObamaCare.  Gruber claims he was able to fastball this disaster by the public because Americans were too stupid to understand the numbers.

You can't believe that, of course--even though he's on video saying it, and more than once.  But what difference does it make now, eh citizens?  We're all in this together, right?  Why quibble about who drafted this or that provision, or who ruled that this or that amendment shouldn't get a floor vote?  After all, we had the best of intentions!  And if you enemies in the other party saw that something was fundamentally wrong with our magnificent plan, or that the numbers might be just a bit off, it was your duty to speak up.  We were trying to work with you, but you refused to help us.

Fortunately, now we don't need you, because our candidate--who everyone agrees is the world's smartest woman--will take over for our beloved emperor in November.  She'll order a few small changes--barely a nip and a tuck--and everything will be fine.  After all, we all saw how brilliantly she performed as Secretary of State, right?

Now let's see if we can import another 10,000 Syrian "refugees" by the end of the year.  Cuz diversity is our strength.


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