Friday, February 12

German rape victim: Algerian Muslim attacker shouted "Inshallah" during attack

In Germany an Algerian muslim is on trial for raping and brutally beating a 25-year-old German woman.  The victim testified that as the man was raping her he repeatedly shouted "Inshallah"--Arabic for "If Allah wills it."

I'll bet not one of you heard about this before now--simply because it didn't make American news.  (The link goes to the UK's Daily Mail.)

It didn't make our news because horrible things happen overseas every day, so the handful of the so-called media "elites" who decide what qualifies as "news" decided no American viewer needed to know about one particular rape in a foreign country.  And that's not entirely unreasonable.

Unfortunately the New York or Washington editor's decision prevents you from seeing a critical pattern:  The rapist invoked Allah to justify his attack.

This is important because by all indications most Muslim males overseas not only regard non-muslim women as fair game for rape, but also believe this is explicitly permitted by the Koran and their warped deity.

While it's certainly true that rapes are committed by men from virtually all cultures, I'm not aware of any other religion whose official doctrine explicitly permits rape.

The poor woman's testimony also reflects the mind-set of virtually all members of civilized societies: "I never thought something like that could happen to me.  I just couldn't comprehend it."

Let those who have ears, hear.

By the way:  A constant argument the Left uses to get you to go back to sleep regarding the threat posed by "zealous" Muslims is "We all worship the same god."  Leaving aside the fact that a huge number of leftists don't even believe in God, people who do believe in the Judeo-Christian God can easily see that the god described by Mohammed is NOT the same being.  The two are worlds apart.


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