Sunday, February 21

The use of cops in Europe to ban things that might offend Muslims continues

The destruction of Europe continues.  This time a man in the Netherlands was arrested for...wearing a pink hat with pig-like features?  What??

Yep.  The guy was attending a demonstration by Pegida, a group angry with European pols for their wholesale support of unlimited immigration from North Africa and the middle east.  The cops insisted that the guy take off his hat.  Guy reasonably asked "On what grounds do you demand that?"  Cops:  Pigs offend Muslims.  We don't want you to offend Muslims, so you can't wear it!"

Understandably, the guy was less than impressed with this "reasoning."  Also, there's no support anywhere in European law--YET--for the notion that offending Muslims is illegal.  Although it should be quickly noted that Islamic groups in the U.N. are working feverishly to make that some sort of world law. more "unwritten rule" has joined the ridiculously long list that politicians in all nations are making, to make it illegal to criticize, parody or satirize Islam.  Now they've de-facto banned the wearing of anything bearing the faintest resemblance to any part of a pig.

Here are some other examples of laws and police actions intended to penalize anyone who does or says anything remotely critical of Islam:

The speed with which your political leaders are surrending to Islam is nothing short of astonishing.  If you'd tried to tell people a month after 9/11/2001 that within 15 years one could be arrested for wearing a furry pink pig hat in Europe because it might offend Muslims, folks would have thought you were completely bonkers.  And yet here we are.


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