Friday, February 12

Europe continues its death spiral

If the U.S. falls to Islam it won't be a military defeat, but rather because your political "leaders" will have surrendered.

Of course you think that's impossible--you can't imagine such a thing happening.  So let me explain:

You've heard an endless amount of blather from politicians--Democrats--claiming that we need to pay more attention to "international law."  And that we need to be more "multicultural."  This is simply a ploy to enable sharia law to become established here in the U.S.

Want to see what has already happened to ordinary citizens of Europe?  Watch the video below.  An older woman living in Calais, France, tells how life in her once-peaceful town has turned to utter shit because of the "migrants"--the so-called "refugees" who beat and rape and steal and demand everything from the government.  This poor woman can't even walk through her own town center.

You probably think her story is fiction, a fabrication.  That's because your American media doesn't  report what's happening all over Europe.  (To be accurate, they report it on page 8; it's technically there but very few people see it.)

You think this woman's story can't be true because you can't believe any people would put up with such blatant, naked aggression from foreigners.  But what you don't realize--because the media don't report this either--is that politicians there have been prosecuting NOT aggressive invaders but local residents who try to defend themselves, like with pepper spray.  They're even prosecuting locals who simply speak out against govenment policies that have caused the deadly invasion.

Why would any politician make such ghastly decisions--setting up policies and programs that would injure, intimidate or kill their own citizens?  Because the pols are ALWAYS insulated from the consequences of their policies.  Ordinary citizens suffer, while the people who created the policies live their luxurious lives serenely unaffected by the chaos they've caused.

And if you think it's not coming here you haven't been awake.  Open borders equals death. 

Look at the number of black-on-white murders and rapes and home invasions in the U.S.  They're barely reported outside the city where they happened.  The government and the mainstream media don't want you to know.  Because you won't take any action if you don't know there's a problem.

Wake up!  Wake the fuck up!  Your country is slipping away from you, just as their is.  You can't rely on the mainstream media to tell you the truth.


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