Wednesday, December 30

BBC host fired after interviewing "climate skeptics" without being scathing enough

In the brave new world of left-wing Nazis you can be fired for...well, practically anything, but in particular for questioning whether global warming is actually happening.

Of course you don't believe that.  You think this is hyperbole, tinfoil-hat conspiracy stuff.  And I don't blame you:  It's hard to imagine that the "OMG you nasty westerner peasants are destroying our precious Mother Earth!" warriors can actually fire people who question their religion.  But you'd be wrong.

BBC radio host Quentin Letts was fired after he questioned the premise of global warming and the religious Leftist agenda behind it. Writing in the UK's Daily Mail Letts describes how he was fired  after he dared to challenge the theory of global warming. On his program Letts interviewed global warming skeptics, and made the fatal mistake of failing to call them dirty climate deniers.

The program so upset the Leftists at the BBC that they removed it from their archives.  Otherwise people with internet connections might have been able to listen to well-spoken scientists questioning the Left's dogma that capitalist countries have to stop using electricity and petrol, and stop flying in order to keep from pushing our climate into fatal warming. 
Of course China, India and all the small nations can keep using as much coal and oil and CFC's as they wish, because...well...WOW, look at the time!  I have to catch a plane!


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