Monday, December 21

Trivial post: example 245,934 of a school principal ordering students not to pray in school

Okay, here's an utterly trivial example of how goofy school administrators are supporting the demonization of Christianity in the U.S.

In the only highschool in tiny Wyoming town, a few students went to the back of the cafeteria at lunch, joined hands and said a prayer.  OMG!  Someone told the principal, who immediately yanked a couple of the students out of class and told 'em the weren't allowed to pray in the cafeteria--that they'd have to apply for and receive official permission, and would then have to go out to the adjacent hallway.

Numerous courts have ruled otherwise, but it's not reasonable to expect principals of tiny rural schools to know that.  As good liberals, they're spring-loaded to hate Christianity--not other religions, just Christianity--and will come down hard on any Christian kid who shows any inclination to pray.  And this animus has been thoroughly and repeatedly reinforced by ACLU-led lawsuits seeking to prevent Christianity from appearing in any venue having anything to do with government.

Of course you think that's paranoia, that the ACLU is unbiased when it comes to banning religion from the schools.

Ah.  That would explain the ACLU lawsuit complaining about students being forced to write Arabic calligraphy which translated to "Allah is the one true god and Mohammed is his messenger."

Oh wait, the ACLU hasn't taken on Islam--not anywhere.

Gosh, that doesn't sound right.  Why would they go after Christians while ignoring schools that push Islam?

Gee, it's a mystery.

Most parents would probably have told their kids to just deal with it, but in this case the father of three of the students who were yanked out of class by the principal and ordered not to pray before lunch asked the principal if what his kids had told him was correct.  Yep.  Next he went to the local superintendent of schools.  "Do you support this policy by one of your principals?"  Yep.

So the dad called in some legal help, and the result was that the school officials involved decided to make their policy conform to federal court decisions.

The pic below is 72-year-old Stanetta Twiford, principal of Glendo HS in Wyoming.

Let's be charitable and assume Stanetta is a delightful grandmother who was just trying to enforce what she thought was settled federal law regarding students praying at lunch in the school cafeteria.  Does anyone on the planet think she would have taken action if the "offenders" had been Muzz kids?  In the astronomically unlikely event that any principal ordered Muzz kids not to pray in school, does anyone think the superintendent would have backed her up on that?


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