Monday, December 21

Yale prof: Repeal of the First Amendment poses no significant danger compared to...

Last week filmmaker and satirist Ami Horowitz went to Yale posing as an anti-First Amendment activist at Yale.  He approached several students saying he represented an organization calling for the repeal of the First Amendment.”

“I think this is fantastic. I absolutely agree,” one student said.

“Excellent! Love it!” another exclaimed.

In less than an hour the guy had collected 50 signatures from Yale students supporting repealing the First Amendment.

After Horowitz released the video of his adventure reporters called and emailed dozens of Yale faculty members to get their response to the video.  Only one responded.

Professor Bruce Ackerman called the video “a sad commentary on the present state of public opinion” but added that the topic of repealing the First Amendment “does not remotely pose the same danger as the support of all Republican candidates...for President Obama’s unilateral war against ISIS in plain violation of the Constitution.”

Let's see if I understand you, Bruce:  Supporting repeal of the First Amendment is no big deal compared to Obama declaring "unilateral war against ISIS"?   In that case you surely complained loudly when Hillary and Obama and Kerry declared "unilateral war" against Libya under the rule of Muammar Qadhafi, right?

Wait, you didn't say a word?  Wow, that almost suggests you're throwing "unilateral war against ISIS" as a red herring to distract us from the stupidity of Yale students who are eager to repeal one of the cornerstones of American freedoms.

Yeah, I'm not surprised either.


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