Thursday, December 17

Gas still under $2 per gallon in most states. Why isn't Obama taking credit for that?

As we head into Christmas and many of us drive to spend the occasion with distant family, hopefully you're enjoying gasoline still below $2 a gallon in most states.  That's a welcome break for middle-class Americans.  In fact, the price of oil is 24% less than just three months ago.

But a period of scary unrest in the oil-exporting middle-east, if history is any guide the price of oil should be soaring.  And the price of gasoline almost always goes up during high-driving holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Given these trends, is anyone curious as to why the price of gas is still below $2 a gallon?

Yeah, probably not.  But surely it's due to the multi-Billion dollars spent by Team Obama on "alternative energy," like solar and wind, right?  I mean, all those billions had to have had some beneficial effect, right?

I mean, your electric bill is lower now than 7 years ago, right?  Cuz that's where most of those billions went, and electricity is what solar and wind energy produce, right?  So...

What?  You say your electric bill is 20 percent higher today than 7 years ago?  Well that's kinda odd, isn't it?  Cuz, you know, all those billions spent on Solyndra and the other "croney" ventures--95% of which were owned by Democrats who just happened to donate to Obama's campaign--should be producing more electricity--which, if not driving electric rates down, should at least be keeping 'em flat.

Wait...this just in from the Democrat National Committee:  "Haven't you ever heard of inflation?  The reason electric bills are higher is...inflation.  It affects all prices, and has been remarkably low due to the efforts of our leader and congressional Democrats to create jobs and raise taxes."

But wait...if inflation affects all prices, why is oil far less expensive today, instead of more expensive--like electricity and meat and cereal and drugs and corn?

Notwithstanding self-serving statements by the emperor's supporters, the reason is simple: domestic U.S. oil production is up 5 million barrels per day from 7 years ago, and is approaching the all-time high recorded in 1964.

And the reason is *entirely* that private companies have developed and used technologies to produce oil that couldn't have been produced 20 years ago.  And they did this not by applying for federal grants or guaranteed loans (like all the "green" companies that immediately folded, after costing taxpayers hundreds of millions per company), but by investing private money.

Whoa, what a novel concept, eh?

So next time you fill up a full-size car for $40 bucks instead of $100, thank private enterprise.

Or if you're a Democrat, you could thank Obama--cuz if he'd wanted to, he could have had the gruberment take over all the oil companies with the stroke of his pen.  But because he's such a generous guy, he didn't. 

So there, stupid conservatives.


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