Monday, June 1

Greek PM incensed (!) that lenders have the gall to push for spending reforms

Yesterday Greece’s prime minister lashed out at the country's creditors.  His beef?  They were pushing for reforms to government spending!  They wanted the Greek government to cut back on pensions, excessive bureaucratic salaries (ain't that the truth here too!), welfare and early retirements.

OME! (That's "Oh my emperor! for you newbies.)  The PM described all these proposed reforms as "absurd" and claims the push for reducing spending has held up progress in negotiations for a deal aimed at preventing his country from defaulting.

Hahahahahahahahahaha!  Anyone who thinks Greece has any intention of paying its debts is too naive to breathe.

“The lack of an agreement so far is not due to the supposed intransigent, uncompromising and incomprehensible Greek stance,” Tsipras wrote in a column published by French newspaper Le Monde.  Of course that's exactly why there's been no agreement.  The Greek government has no intention of paying.

None.  Zip.  Zilch.

They never *did* have any intention of repaying.  All the negotiations ostensibly trying to "restructure" Greek debt were simply an effot to get the EU to loan them even more cash.  Anyone with an IQ over room temperature knew it, but European bureaucrats and politicians went along with the charade because they didn't want to deal with a Eurozone member leaving their faaabulous organization.  Cuz that would lead a *lot* of other folks to realize that the emperor wasn't actually wearing any clothes after all.

Oooh, would the shit hit the fan then!

Can you picture 70 percent of German citizens saying "Ya know, the biggest beneficiaries of this 'European union' thing have been the members of the European parliament--which nobody needs, and which basically exists to siphon money from productive countries to undisciplined ones.  While everyone has a right to be lazy and irresponsible, we certainly don't need to be compelled to keep paying for it year after year after..."  You get the picture.

Would that Americans were that smart.

Unfortunately a third of the all voters are "gibsmedats" who'll vote for the party (Democrats) that promises the most "freebies."  They neither realize nor care that someone, somewhere actually has to pay for those allegedly "free" things. 

Another 20 percent of voters are mush-brained liberals who have no concept whatsoever about the perils of national debt and constant deficit spending.  They may well have college degrees but they don't understand that if loans--even loans made to nations--aren't eventually repaid, some type of consequence will ensue.  They see no connection between obscene government spending and...Greece.

If you're smart and educated you should be mad as hell at the politicians--of both parties--who got us  into this mess.  There's still a tiny chance we could squeak out without a war, if you guys would speak the hell up.

But if you don't have kids, the hell with it, eh?  Drink up, get stoned and let the good times roll.  


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