Friday, May 29

Three persons of undetermined origin shoot cop in the head while fleeing

In northern Oklahoma late last night a police officer tried to stop an SUV but the vehicle sped away. The SUV, with three occupants, headed for for the Kansas border with the officer in pursuit.  During this chase someone fired shots at the pursuing officer, striking him in the head.

Officers in Kansas were able to use stop-spikes to stop the vehicle and capture two occupants, but the third managed to hijack another vehicle, shoot its driver and escape.  He was eventually captured.

Now in custody are Alejandro Garcia, Cesar Rios and Roxanna Mendoza.  The U.S. department of Just-us said it will investigate and look for possible civil rights violations by the cops.  DHS warned that speculation about the legal status of the three was dangerous, and added that there was some indication that they were Lutherans returning from a church camp.

Okay, those last two sentences were sarcasm.  But does anyone wanna take a bet on their status?

One thing's for sure:  If you ask the media and get a vague non-answer you'll know for sure.

But keep those borders open, Democrats!  Apparently you still think we need more illegals to do the jobs that Americans won't do--like shooting cops.  Gosh, you'd think enough Americans were already doing that, wouldn't you?  But I guess not enough for Team Obama and their supporters.


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