Monday, June 1

Supreme Court rules company's dress code loses to Muslim's right to wear hijab

Today the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Muslim woman who did not get hired after she did a job interview with clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch wearing a black hijab.

The justices said that employers generally have to accommodate job applicants and employees with religious needs if the employer at least has an idea that such accommodation is necessary.  The job applicant did not tell her interviewer she was Muslim but Justice Scalia said Abercrombie "at least suspected" that Elauf wore the item  for religious reasons. "That is enough," Scalia said in an opinion for seven justices.

The hijab violated the company's "Look Policy"--a dress code for employees who work in its retail stores. The policy is derived from Abercrombie's focus on what it calls East Coast collegiate or preppy style.

So let me get this straight:  Apparently it is now the law in the United States that a Muslim's right to wear the hijab trumps a company's dress code, but a school system can bar students from wearing a) an American flag tee-shirt; b) a cross; or c) any language supporting the right to bear arms.

Wow.  The United States that the Founding Fathers authored and died to defend is dead, dead, dead.

What's next, assholes?  Allowing Muslims to wear full-face coverings through TSA screening?  Oh wait, they already have that privilege.

Banning alcohol?  After all, it's against their religion, and I'm sure they can find a million of 'em who'll testify that any alcohol within 500 feet is a micro-aggression, or whatever the stupid PC term is.

Sharia law?  Hey, it's already here.


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