Thursday, May 28

Police-dog saves deputy from ambush and planned murder by three thugs--national media yawns

Hancock County, Mississippi is just east of New Orleans.  At 10 pm four days ago a county deputy noticed a Lincoln town car at a rest stop.  It didn't have a license plate.

The deputy walked to the driver's side and began talking with the driver.  At that point two men ran out of the woods toward the deputy.  When the deputy turned to engage the two runners the driver jumped out of the car and all three men began beating the deputy.  One of them had a knife and inflicted a three-inch cut to the deputy's forehead.

The men overpowered the deputy and began dragging him toward the woods.  According to his supervisor one of the men said they were going to cut his throat.

At that moment the deputy managed to reach his electronic key fob.  He pressed a button that released his police dog from his car. 

The dog charged the attackers and bit at least two.  The three men dropped the deputy, fled back to the Lincoln and sped away.

Now the miraculous details:  Like most counties, Hancock County is short on funds for its sheriff's department.  They have four K-9 units, but had only been able to afford to install the remote release on two of the cars.  The deputy happened to be driving one of those.

Also, the remote release had only been installed recently.

But for these two incredibly lucky coincidences this deputy would have been killed.  By 3 thugs in what was clearly a planned ambush.

Now:  I'll bet you the drink of your choice that not a single one of you heard or read about this outrageous, brazen ambush.  Which is odd, because it has every element needed to make a great news story:  Three-to-one fight, heroic police dog, million-to-one odds of the deputy not only having the remote release but also being able to reach it while being dragged to certain death.

So why didn't it get picked up in most of the major papers in the U.S.?

Because it doesn't fit the narrative.

Wait, I can hear my liberal acquaintances mewling:  The guy didn't get killed, so it's just a simple assault.  No wonder it didn't make national news.

Bull shit.  Go back and read the 'graf about all the "hooks" this story had.  Imagine the victim was a black teenager who was saved from kidnapping by his faithful dog.  Think that would have made every paper in the country?  Damn right it would have.  And justifiably so.

So why not a word of this ambush attack and miraculous save?

It doesn't fit the narrative.

So this planned ambush and miraculous escape--made possible by the heroic, well-trained dog and the just-installed remote release--only appears in local papers like the Clarion-Ledger and the Sun-Herald, both of Hancock County.

Still don't think there's a national narrative?


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