Saturday, May 30

CNN, Cuomo, liberals all referring to "the prophet mohammed"

A universal feature of public transit is the ads covering virtually every surface.  They're a big source of revenue.  And there's no problem buying space for controversial ads--provided, of course, that the ad is on the politically-correct side of the controversy.

So Washington DC's public transit system has always welcomed ads--until someone sought to post an ad featuring a cartoon of mohammed. 

"OME!  (That's "Oh My Emperor!")  We can't possibly do that!"

But to decline this one ad would show that they'd caved in to the threat of Muslim violence, such as the two goofs who tried to kill people at Pam Geller's conference in Garland, Texas before being shot by a well-trained officer.

Since they didn't want to show they were caving to the "shooter's veto," the brilliant minds at DC Metro Transit came up with a brilliant plan:  We'll just say we changed our policy--as of right now we will no longer accept any "issue-related" ads.

Yay!!  Problem solved!

Uh...wait:  If you think this fooled the jihadists you're too fucking stupid to breathe or reproduce.  They know you caved.  Conservatives know you caved.  The only people who don't know are liberals, because they don't even understand that there's an issue here.

Second: Exactly what criteria will be used to decide if an ad will be considered an "issue" ad?  Will you continue to accept ads for, say, Planned Parenthood?  Ads pushing for tighter gun control?  Pushing for reducing CO2 emissions?

Will anyone at your vaunted, dhimmi agency be willing to put the criteria for determining this in writing?  Yeah, didn't think so.  But by golly you showed that intolerant Pamela Geller, eh?  You won't let those intolerant folks tell you enlightened ones what to do, eh?

But you're happy enough to let the Muzz have a veto on what kind of ads you'll accept.

If the rest of you don't see a problem here, you deserve what's coming.

Oh, and about the title of this post: When CNN and the wonderfully dim Chris Cuomo reported on the DC transit cave, both used the term "the prophet mohammed" in referring to the person depicted in the ad they refused to allow on their equipment.  Because it's very important to TV networks and commentators to always refer to mohammed by the full title used by Muslims: "the prophet mohammed." 

And that's only fair, since they've always referred to Jesus as "the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ," right?

Wait...they've never used that term.  Gosh, why does mohammed always get the full, careful honorific while Christ doesn't?

The obvious reason is that Christians won't shoot dead those who fail to honor Christ.  While more than a few hundred Muzz are willing to kill for slights to their religion.

Oh, here's the cartoon Geller wanted to run on DC transit.  See if you can spot the offensive part:


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