Wednesday, June 24

Democrats: They're always "for the little people," right?

Democrats claim to be "for the common man."  Their constant refrain is "I'm just like you.  I care about you."  And sure enough, that shows in the way they live.   For example, below are two homes belonging to presidential candidates. 

One's a Republican, the other's a Democrat.

See if you can guess which home goes with which candidate.  Should be easy, right?
Home #1:

And here's #2:

Well OBVIOUSLY the first one belongs to the Democrat!  Because it's small, unpretentious, on a tiny suburban lot.  The second one--far larger, on acreage--clearly belongs to the Republican.  Cuz, you know, they're all rich and elitist and would never be caught dead living on the end of suburban cul-de-sac.  So there's the proof that...

What?  You say the first one belongs to...Marco Rubio?  Wait, isn't he a Republican?  Clearly someone has made a mistake.  This can't be right.

But then that must mean the far larger home on the huge lot must belong to...a...a...a...Democrat?  But I thought there were only two Dem candidates.  Is that Bernie Sanders' home?  Say, socialism must pay pretty well!  But then Bernie never did claim to be "just like us," eh?  He's always struck me as sort of elitist, and...

What?  You say that's NOT Sanders' place?  But...but...but...that would mean it's Hillary's. 

"Just like us," eh?  "Dead broke," eh?  Hmmm....

Hat tip to Jason Stevens at Federalist Papers.


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