Wednesday, March 25

Iran: No surprise inspections of our nuclear facilities. But trust us, it's all for peaceful purposes!

As some of you may have heard, Iran has been "enriching" uranium for several years now.  That action is the only hard part of building an atomic bomb.

Of course the Iranians smilingly deny they're trying to build a bomb, instead claiming they're just enriching uranium for research and "peaceful purposes."

Here's a hint:  You don't need 6,000 uranium-gas centrifuges to make a few grams for research.  But then almost no lay-person knows anything about nuclear weapons, so what should be an obvious, glaring inconsistency in the mullahs' fable passes without comment by the Lying Media.

Why would the media cover for Iran's efforts to build a bomb?  Well for one thing, for the last two years or so the emperor's munchkins have been "negotiating" with the mullahs on a Faabulous Agreement on Iran's nuclear program.

Isn't that wonderful?  An Agreement!  And not just an ordinary agreement, but a Faabulous Agreement--because it will have been negotiated by The One, the faabulous Emperor Barack, the only editor of the Harvard Law Review not to publish a single article in that journal.  The man who's so smart he doesn't need to obey the Constitution.  But I digress...

The Agreement:  It's faabulous--trust us, because we aren't gonna tell you what our goals are, or what the current draft of the Agreement actually says because...well, it's got lots of technical terms in it so you wouldn't understand it.

But one little detail was revealed by The Associated

If, as the mullahs claim, their nuclear program is peaceful, you'd think they wouldn't have any problems letting a neutral outfit like the U.N's International Atomic Energy Agency inspect their facilities without advance notice.  Since, you know, they wouldn't have anything to hide, right?  And indeed, last year Iran's nuclear spokesman said his country might accept so-called "snap inspections" as part of a final nuclear agreement.

But of course that gem was designed to encourage the Emperor's peeps to drag the talks on longer and longer--in fact past two earlier supposed "deadlines."

And it worked.

But looks like the mullahs' real position just got revealed:  From the AP:
An Iranian official on Tuesday rebuked the chief of the U.N. atomic agency for demanding snap inspections of Iran's nuclear sites, saying the request hindered efforts to reach an agreement with world powers....

Earlier this month the head of the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency, Yukiya Amano, said Tehran should agree to snap inspections to reassure the international community.

Iran's nuclear spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi commented, "It would be much better if Amano only talked about the IAEA's seasonal and monthly reports," according to Iran's state TV channel.

Last June, Kamalvandi said Iran may accept snap inspections as part of a final nuclear agreement.
There's the clear truth revealed:  Last June snap inspections were a maybe.  Now, the idea prompts a really scathing rebuke from the Iranians ("better to only talk about your agency's monthly reports").

Wow, is the cat out of the bag?  Did the AP's top editors just drop off the White Hut's guest list?

Not to worry, citizen:  Just because the AP put the piece on the wire doesn't mean any American paper will print it, nor any network newsreader broadcast it.  No one will ever see it except a handful of people--literally only a couple of hundred in the whole country--who are looking for it.

As far as most Americans are concerned it never happened.  Which means the emperor's march to sign the Faabulous Agreement can continue unhindered.

Cuz after all, who cares if the mullahs get an atomic bomb?  Well, maybe Israel, but that's not the emperor's concern.  In fact, the emperor's people are whispering that Israel's prime minister deserves some payback for his temerity in speaking before the U.S. congress without asking the emperor's permission first.  It's almost like they're calling Netanyahu "uppity."

Oh wait, that was what a liberal writer for New Yorker Magazine called conservative Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz.  Oh, okay then.

Hey, did you hear our emperor made his picks for the NCAA basketball tournament?


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