Friday, March 27

Dem congresswhore prints up "I've gotten amnesty, you can't arrest me" cards for illegals

Wanna see how the Left is winning?  It's by slimy shits like the guy in the vid below--Luis Gutierrez, a congresswhore from Illinois (land of Obama and Shitcago).

Guteirrez has printed up cards that he'll give to illegals--specifically illegals that your emperor has illegally amnestied via programs cleverly acronymed "DACA" and "DAPA."

Points if any of you know what either of those terms means.

The "progressives" and Democrats give those imperial decrees acronyms so you can't tell what they really do--unless you're a political junkie.

Of course the Dems and progs know.  And to our outrage and dismay, so do we political junkies.  Which means we know how utterly illegal they are.

You almost certainly don't know.  Of course that's not your fault:  You're busy making a living and raising your kids.  You depend on the media to tell you whether something is a rape of the Constitution.  It's understandable: You don't have time to do all you do and *also* know the details of every piece of imperial-decree bullshit.

And of course the Lying Media tell you jack-shit about what stuff like this means or does. 

Oh, they'll tell you about 'poor little tykes from Mexico or Central America who are just coming to the U.S. to get away from'...fill in the blank with whatever horror story the reporter gloms onto. 

The horror stories are horrible, and interchangeable.  The editors and reporters believe we should offer U.S. citizenship to everyone around the world who's seeking a better life.  Ask these exalted, elite reporters and editors where they would draw the line at this and you get a blank stare:  If they've thought about it at all they're on the side of the illegals.  As far as they're concerned, all that matters is the right feelings, the right politics.  Consequences?  If there are any, someone else can deal with 'em.

Okay, scoring time: DACA is "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals."  Meaning--as the emperor has decreed it--that any kid brought into the U.S. by his/her parents can stay--can't be deported.

See, the tykes had no say in the matter.  So it would be just terribly cruel to deport 'em.  Cuz, you know....

Now: DAPA is "Deferred Action for Parents of Americans."

See how neatly they did that trick?  No?  But how could you?  The program has been cleverly--cunningly--misnamed to specifically to prevent you from knowing what it does.  Which is, it allows the parents of the kids amnestied under DACA to stay in the U.S. too.

See, you thought "Parents of Americans" meant parents of legal citizens, right?  But if you look at the wording of the decree, it's the parents who illegally entered with their kids...who are now, by the first imperial decree, "legal" Americans.

Of course they named it "DAPA" because they wanted you to think that it was innocuous.  And given the carefully misleading name, who can blame you for thinking that? 

And that's totally not your fault.  If someone re-labels black as white, and you naively think black still means...well, that your mistake?  Hardly.  Instead it's the calculated result of deliberate acts by the people who intentionally mis-labeled A as B--cunningly abetted by a Lying Media who carefully did NOT tell you they did that.'s Gutierrez:

Watch the face.  Note well the expression.  What do you see?


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