Monday, March 9

The emperor continues to weaken our military, in dangerous times

It's axiomatic that we can only have direct experience in the world that we live in.  As a result, most Americans naively believe peace is the normal state of human experience.  This, of course, is nonsense:  Humans have been at war with other humans for most of human history. 

Almost everyone wants peace.  Wonderful.  The problem is that we've had peace in this country for so long that most people don't recognize it for the aberration that it is.  As a result, much of the population--most of them on the left of the political spectrum--think like this: "We want peace, so we'll just refuse to fight. If we refuse to fight, the other guy will have no reason to fight us."

If you point out to them that the other guy just might not want peace, the response is along the lines of "Since peace is the default state of the world, we just need to figure out what we did to make the other guy mad at us, and make it up to him.  Then we'll have peace--since it's the default state of things."

But we've enjoyed peace in America for two reasons:  Early on the natural barriers of two vast oceans deterred any would-be invader.  And later, when technology overcame those barriers, we were strong enough that no enemy believed they could defeat us over here.

But today, with so many believing that peace is the natural order of things, we are in grave danger of finding out that peace is a luxury--one paid for in blood and the willingness to shed it. Our military is a shell of its former self, hollowed out to buy bread and circuses for the masses. Our diplomacy a joke, conducted insecurely and thus transparent to our foes. Our foreign policy is bluster, appeasement and apology.

The result is to make us look weak, so aggressors believe that they can take what they want from us because we can no longer defend it. Bill Clinton gave Ukraine a rock solid guarantee of protection in return for them giving up their nukes to ensure "peace". That's gone, along with half that country. Our allies are realizing that they can no longer count on us. We issue ultimatums and draw red lines and the world laughs at us.

This isn't peace, it's the prelude to destruction.

Our enemies see that we're retreating, and weakening our military as they increase their number of fighters.  They have reason to believe that when the time comes to deliver the final ultimatum, our surrender will be voluntary, because by that time we will have been weakened from within spiritually, morally, and economically. They believe this because they hear Americans pleading for "peace at any price" or eager to sign any deal, without regard for how much it gives away.

Our enemies see all this.  And therein lies the road to war,

If we fail to preserve for our children this last best hope of man on earth, we'll sentence them to a thousand years of darkness, and then....  Oh, sorry--I didn't realize The Voice had started.  Not to worry.  We can do this some other time.

How about right after Hillary explains the encryption used to protect her State Department emails from foreign hackers?  Or right after Lois Lerner's verified emails are released?


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