Friday, March 6

Hillary Clinton conducted all her official State Department business from a private email account?? Gee, wonder why?

Clearly, the ruling class in the U.S. believes rules and laws are for "the little people."

If you're not clear on that term, that would be you and me.  Definitely not Obama, nor the presumptive Democrat nominee for the White Hut, Hillary Clinton.

The latest example--of thousands--is the revelation that during Her Worship's entire tenure as Secretary of State, she avoided using an official government email account for official business.  Instead she used a private email account.

If you're a Democrat you're thinking, "BFD.  What possible difference does it make whether an official uses a government account or a private one?"

This, of course, is why you're a Democrat:  Logic and reasoning aren't part of your normal thought processes.

There are two huge reasons:  One is that private emails might not be secure against interception by a foreign power.  The second is to have a solid record of what the hell the government--in the persona of the SecState--is really up to.

For example, a couple of years ago we learned that Obama's head of the EPA had set up an email account in a fictitious name so she could discuss "real" agency policies and schemes.  The reason was that if someone who'd been sued or fined or jailed by the EPA filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to get the director's emails (something that normally requires naming the person's email account), the director could avoid having to turn over the ones sent and received by the fake-name account.

See how that works?

Actually if you're a Democrat you probably don't.  Of course you'd immediately grasp it if a Repub was president or secstate and doing the same thing, but...hey, no one ever said Democrats had to be ethically or logically consistent.

Wait, I see the Dems' media allies are claiming "she didn't know that wasn't kosher."

But in June 2011, after it was learned that hackers believed to be in China were targeting e-mail accounts of prominent Americans, the State Department sent a cable under Clinton’s name to all embassies instructing diplomats to “Avoid conducting official Department business from your personal e-mail accounts.”

Wait, I know:  She never sent it, didn't know a thing about it.  Just some rogue employees in some out-of-the-way office in some hick town.  Not official policy at all.

Yeah, dat's it.

But wait, you say:  If anyone really needs to see Hillary's emails--not that there would ever be any reason for that, since she's never done anything the least bit illegal, nor lied to us, during her entire, illustrious career in government--couldn't they just get a judge to order her ISP to turn 'em over?

If it was you or me or some corporation the EPA wanted to sue, the answer would be "Of course."  But Her Worship is more canny than we are, which is why her foundation has received a billion dollars from foreign sources--much of it while she was Secretary of State, negotiating U.S. policy.

Oooh, no conflict of interest there, huh?

Anyway, back to the point:  Hillary's emails--all of 'em, for her entire tenure as SecState--weren't stored on a commercial ISP, but on a private server set up in her home!

Sweet, huh.

Now, that's not to say none of the emails she sent can be retrieved, because the recipient's provider would have stored 'em on the receiver's server for at least some short period of time.  But the only full record is in Her Worship's closet at her home.

Wait, it gets better:  The Dem Media is now trumpeting that Her Worship has graciously offered to turn over all her emails to State, and has actually asked State to release them to the public!

That is SO noble!  So gracious!  So...transparent!

No one in the entire history of the world has ever made such a generous offer!

What bullshit.  No one can possibly believe she'd release anything incriminating, any more than she released any of the Whitewater files that were found in a closet in the White Hut after Her Worship claimed they'd been lost.

Oh wait, no one under 40 knows that.  Eh, what difference does it make?

So now the media has shifted the story to covering the boring debate over who will sift through 55,000 emails to find...whatever.  And it's certain nothing will be found.  Whereupon Her Worship will strike a saintly, pious pose and claim "I told you I had nothing to hide, and that proved to be precisely true.  And this whole thing was a just another Republican war on women!"

And the Lying Media will cheer--loudly--and the Repubs will sheepishly look at their feet and mutter.

You think this is just crazy talk?  Long-term Democrat congressthief Elijah Cummings has taken the first step to spin this, praising Her Worship:
“As far as I am aware,” Cummings said in a statement, “no other Cabinet secretary in history has ever called for the release of his or her emails — in their entirety and throughout his or her tenure. I commend Secretary Clinton’s decision.”

Just keep watching.  The media know who they want.

Oh, and when a reporter asked the emperor how Clinton's use of private email accounts squares with Obama's promise to run a "transparent" administration, the emperor said, "I think that the fact that she is putting them forward will allow us to make sure that people have the information they need."

In other words, we will decide what you are allowed to see, rules be damned.


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