Sunday, March 1

Kerry says U.S. has "closer relationship with Israel than at any time in history" ??

Obama's hand-picked secretary of state--John Kerry, who by the way served six weeks in VietNam--said on Sunday’s “This Week” on ABC “We have a closer relationship with Israel right now, in terms of security, than at any time in history."

This strikes me as either utter stupidity or a brazen lie:  The Obama regime is furious at Netanyahu for accepting Boehner's invitiation to address congress.  They've asked congressional Democrats to boycott the speech, and many in the congressional democrat black caucus have agreed.

They've also authorized influential Dems in congress to say things like "The proposed speech is endangering Israel's relationship with the U.S."  That's a pretty serious threat.  Obama's so-called "national security adviser" Susan Rice said the same thing.

But of course the Lying Media all fell into line with "closer relationship than at any time in history."  Because they support the emperor, no matter what.


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