Saturday, March 7

The mask is off

We have now witnessed the total surrender by the Repubs to the emperor.  Hussein told his press secretary he would veto any bill that included a provision prohibiting the emperor from doing his illegal amnesty, and the Repubs surrendered, passing the bill funding DHS without the prohibition.

And so now the mask is fully removed--though in truth the mask hid nothing that was not perfectly obvious to many.  The emperor--fathered by a communist muslim, raised as a muslim, mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, an American Communist, attended a Black radical church where he listened for twenty years to the anti-white, anti-American, anti-Israel rantings of Jeremiah Wright--has completed his transformation of America.

But this is no surprise to anyone with an IQ above room temperature, as everything noted above was quite openly visible to anyone wishing to see it.  His female senior advisors have family ties to communism:  Obama appointee Anita Dunn gushingly told us that her favorite philosopher was Mao Tse Tung, the communist dictator who murdered sixty million Chinese in the course of cementing his power.  And Valerie Jarrett--an Iranian whose father was an Iranian revolutionary.

The truth was always there to see.  But too many of you didn't want to see it.  You were overcome by white guilt or allegiance to your race or liberalism or a host of other diseases, and you voted for the guy.  And again in 2012.  You're fools--utter, complete, total--who richly deserve what's coming.

And what might that be, you ask?  A host of little things: Electricity and gasoline and food costing twice what it does today.  The poor will be protected by having the magic EBT card, funded by your tax dollars, while you continue to work more hours at a higher tax rate to pay for it.

The feds will proceed to outlaw every bullet in the inventory, one at a time, on some spurious rationale.  Because it worked with the green-tipped AR-15 rounds, which means they'll do it again.

And again.  Bureaucrats are quite good at recognizing and replicating a painless win.

I'm a John Galt--an anonymous, interchangeable cog.  But I also happen to be very good with numbers.  All of 'em.  It's not my passion, just an accidental skill.  And for what it's worth, I think we *may* have one more election before the nation's fate is sealed.

It may already be too late.  It depends on how much of the emperor's destruction can be rolled back.  Frankly, based on the total sell-out by Boehner, McCon and the other RINOs I'm not optimistic, but we'll see.

It's tragic that our nation has devolved into a dictatorship.  The forces of freedom got out-played by communists/socialists/liberals/"progressives," period.  While we were swooning over Hollywood stars or partying or getting high or working 60-hour weeks, they were working hard to take over our schools and trend-setting media.

And they won.  That's all there is to it.  They won, and we've got a generation (or two) of idiots who think stuff the government gives them is "free."  Who think they're entitled to live without working.  Because that's what they've been taught all their lives.

If you have kids you should be mad as hell and sick at heart, because the forces of "progressivism" have turned most of the members of your kids' generation into mush-headed morons. And barring a total miracle they'll drag your kids down with them.

But be sure to vote Democrat in 2016.  Because..."it's for the kids."


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