Saturday, March 14

Attempted murder: shooter employed by school system in vague position while running drug operation

Last Tuesday in Boston a 17-year-old student was shot in the back of his head while walking on the street.  He survived, and identified the man who shot him as 55-year-old Shaun O. Harrison Sr.

Normally a shooting in Boston would be beneath notice.  But Shaun Harrison happens to be employed by the Boston school system--as a "coordinator."

If you know anything about organizations you immediately recognize what a title like that means.

Police and prosecutors say Harrison was leading a double life, running a drug operation while employed by the school system.

Prosecutors said Harrison arranged to meet the unidentified student by text message.  Surveillance video shows a man raise his hand toward the head of a person walking in front of him then fleeing. The student then stumbled into traffic and hailed a passing car for help. 

Video also showed the shooter returning to an apartment on Pompeii Street that belongs to Harrison.

The student later told police he'd been selling marijuana for Harrison for the past several months.

Harrison was hired by the Boston school system in 2010.  Defense attorney Kernahan Buck said Harrison ran anger management classes and a substance abuse program.  Before joining the staff at English High, Harrison worked as a "paraprofessional" [say what??] at a now-closed high school.  He then moved to another school as a “community field coordinator.’’

According to a spokesman for the school system, Harrison’s role at English High was as a “community or family outreach coordinator role, coordinating services for students and families.” Harrison also started a program that encouraged youths to give their illegal guns to him.

Harrison’s sister told the Globe “My brother is a good man.  I don’t know how this happened.  It was a setup.”

In case you're curious, here's Harrison:

Okay, my point here is not to highlight an attempted murder in Boston, but to point out the thorough corruption of the public school system there--and presumably in a number of major cities.  Specifically, this yahoo had a make-work, no-criteria-for-performance job.  Someone hired him, knowing his qualifications were...shall we say, sketchy to non-existent.  Lots of people in the school system had to know the guy was running a drug operation, but they all looked the other way.

Find out who hired this guy, and whether any effort was made to vet him, and you've found the first point of contact for the corruption.

The position of "coordinator" has all the earmarks of a job funded by a federal education grant--funds that are thrown at big-city school systems like candy, with virtually no supervision to see if the programs they fund are effective.  The theory is that by spending lots of money, education bureaucrats look like they're doing something to solve problems.  That's why no one follow up, because that would reveal the real game.


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